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Spinal Cord Injury Center, Research

Cold-evoked potentials

Project leader: Dr. Michèle Hubli


The human spinothalamic tract not only conveys information about noxious mechanical and heat, but also regarding non-noxious thermo-sensory stimuli (i.e., cool stimuli). Non-painful cool stimulation offers another approach to selectively stimulate defined subpopulations of Aδ-/ C-fibres. Cold allodynia, a symptom frequently encountered in individuals with SCI suffering from neuropathic pain, has so far escaped proper appreciation, owing to the absence of an objective method in order to functionally dissect the underlying spinal pathways. Thus, a new assessment paradigm to record cold-evoked potentials has been piloted.


Figure 1: Cold-evoked potentials (CEPs). (A) Representative examples of CEPs recorded from the C4 dermatome (shoulder) and (B) C6 dermatome (hand at the base of the thumb).

For further information please contact: Dr. Michèle Hubli