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Spinal Cord Injury Center, Research

Bolliger, Marc, PD Dr.

PD Dr. Marc Bolliger


University of Zurich
Spinal Cord Injury Center, Research
Balgrist University Hospital
Forchstrasse 340, 8008 Zurich
Tel. +41 44 510 72 01

Email: marc.bolliger[at]

Curriculum vitae

Marc Bolliger did his PhD in Sports and Movement Science at Humboldt University Berlin, Germany. During his PhD, he applied proton spectroscopy to assess the influence of dehydration and extensive endurance performance on brain metabolites. After finishing his PhD, Marc moved to Zurich for a postdoc position at the University of Zurich and ETH Zurich. During this postdoc, he investigated the influence of spinal cord injury on plasticity of human spinal locomotor circuitry and he was involved in the development of assessment tools for a driven gait orthosis. In August 2010, he became the head of the research lab at the Spinal Cord Injury Center at Balgrist University Hospital.

Latest publications