David, Gergely, Dr.

University of Zurich
Spinal Cord Injury Center, Research
Balgrist University Hospital
Forchstrasse 340, 8008 Zurich
Tel. +41 44 510 72 13
Email: gergely.david[at]balgrist.ch

Gergely David received his Master’s degree in Medical Physics at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics in 2014. During his Master’s thesis he worked in the field of functional MRI and investigated the effects of acquisition and post-processing schemes on resting state functional networks of the brain. In addition, he gained experience in small animal imaging and pharmacological fMRI.

After graduation, he spent nine months at the Small Animal MRI Lab of the Italian Institute of Technology in Rovereto (IT), where he was responsible for the acquisition and processing of functional MRI data. He also implemented various denoising approaches to improve the sensitivitiy of functional brain network detection.

He started his PhD studies under the supervision of Dr. Patrick Freund at the Spinal Cord Injury Center of Balgrist University Hospital Zurich in June 2015. His work focuses on the MRI investigation of spinal cord injury, applying novel MRI techniques.