Neumeier, Vera

Vera Neumeier


University of Zurich
Spinal Cord Injury Center, Research
Balgrist University Hospital
Forchstrasse 340, 8008 Zurich
Tel. +41 44 510 XX XX

Email: vera.neumeier[at]

Vera Neumeier studied Pharmacy at the University of Heidelberg, Germany and the University of Montpellier, France. Her research focus during her studies included the manufacturing, production and specification of quality parameters for pharmaceutical products and the development of fluorescence-based assays for drug interactions. She graduated in 2017 and has been working as a pharmacist and quality specialist since then. In 2018, she received the Swiss Federal Recognition of Pharmacy diploma and did her further education as an expert pharmacist (Fachapothekerin in Offizinpharmazie). In June 2020, she started her PhD in Clinical Sciences at the Department of Neuro-Urology at the Balgrist University Hospital.

Vera Neumeier has a special interest in new treatment strategies for multi-drug-resistant bacteria. Convinced by the potential of bacteriophages, she is politically involved and was elected as Vice President of the association phageSuisse in 2019. Her to long-term goal is to translate the laboratory-based bacteriophage research into daily clinical practice. For her PhD, she is involved with the clinical implementation, application and quality control of bacteriophage therapy for treating catheter associated urinary tract infections (CAUTIs) in humans in Switzerland as part of the FNS-funded Sinergia project CAUTIphage.